Vision Statement:

SnapTiming provides professional timing services for all levels of Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field as well as Road Races using FinishLynx Systems and Integrated Services.

Base Services:

Base Services

  • Computers- with extended display
  • On-line entry imports from all major websites
  • Networked Printers
  • Scoring Software
  • Cameras- front and side
  • Clocks


  • Live Results
  • Finish line display
  • Wireless audio capabilities
  • Scoreboard Integration
  • Announcer results
  • Results emailed to Website/Newspaper

FinishLynx Cameras


  • Four FinishLynx EtherLynx 2000 Cameras- Capturing in 2000 frames per second, the finish is easy, simple and clear for our operators.
  • Current inventory allows for wind reversals and multiple setups anywhere you choose on your Track or Cross Country Course.
  • IdentiLynx Pro Camera for front facing pictures of XC and Track Meets



            Backup System


  • We use two independent redundant systems to ensure no result is ever missed
  • Wired Starts are used for our primary system with a wireless backup- fully customizable to suit your needs

                         LED Displays


  • Full Color, single sided 6mm LED panels for full motion video driven by ResulTV.
  • These panels have the capability to display running time at Track and Field and Cross Country events as well as field events.



  • Single-sided six digit RaceClock for Finish line for Track and Field and Cross Country events.
  • One line, Microgate Clock for both displaying running time and results with names.


              Track and Field

  • Use any online entry system (DirectAthletics/Milestat/Active/etc.)
  • All Track and Field Events will be seeded using appropriate level (USATF/NCAA/NFHS)
  • Integration with wind gauges for dashes and hurdle events
  • Easily switch between Metric and English conversions
  • Results posted via website and TFRRS submission for all NCAA events
  • Staff will assist with compiling results for MVP- Running/Field Events for Meet Management
  • Splits for all multiple laps for every runner
  • Wired or Wireless Starts using RadioLynx Technology
  • ResulTV software can be used for announcer in multiple locations
  • Utilize on-site Stadium Scoreboards
  • Television input for Results display for broadcasting or webcasting

    IPICO Chips

              Cross Country

  • Chip Timing using IPICO- highest quality RFID Dual Frequency System on the market
  • Integration with FinishLynx camera and IdentiLynx to form the “Triad” that is unparalleled by any XC system.  Easily allows runners that lose chips and/or bib to be placed back into the results.
  • Team Packets for all College and High School Teams
  • Can provide bibs/pins for all entries- (40 cents per entry for generic bib -80 cents if custom bib)
  • Finish line scaffolding for finish line display
  • Finish line banner






  • Division I Championships- Big South Indoor Championships/ACC Official-XC
  • Division II XC- Concord University XC Invitational- Pipestem State Park
  • Division III Championships- ODAC- Cross Country/Indoor/Outdoor
  • Power 5 Conference Vender for Virginia Tech
  • Assisting New Balance High School Outdoor National Championships
  • Knights Crossing XC Invitational- One of the Largest Invitationals in Virginia-Since 2003
  • FlashResults Contractor Since 2012


Our People

Laurence Loesel

USATF Master Level Official


Timer Since 2007

Rachal Crum

USATF Official

Timer Since 2011

Lindsay Andrews

Timer Since 2014

Jessica Ficarro

Timer Since 2016

Jennifer Loesel

Timer Since 2009

Derrick Hollins

Timer Since 2008